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Turning Black and Blue Because of Black Pornstar Galleries

black pornstar galleriesI live in a place where there isn’t any black community there that’s why the only pussy that I have tasted were those of white chicks. My older brother has a collection of pornstar pic galleries in his room and I noticed that all of the pornstars there were white. I was looking for something different like Latina, Asian or Black, but no sight of that.

I was getting tired of seeing the same pornstar pic galleries that I decided to sneak in my brother’s room after he left for a long trip to check out more pornstar stuff. I discovered a huge pile of pornstar video gallery in his closet and watched all of them. I just browsed on the videos because I don’t have time to check it all out. I was really disappointed because the girls in my brother’s pornstar video gallery were all white again.

Fuck! I want something new and fresh. It does not turn me on anymore seeing and watching the same stuff. Even if they were famous pornstar galleries, it still does not have any effect on me just like before.

black pornstar galleriesI decided to go to the bar and have a drink because I was bored as hell when I met this hippie dude that told me about his black girlfriend. He even showed me some images of black pornstar galleries stored in his cellphone. He pointed one girl from his black pornstar galleries and told me that was his girl. I told him she was freaking hot and he asked me if I wanted to hook up with his girlfriend’s best friend who is also one hot ebony babe.

He took me into this underground place where there were black chicks and I started to get it on with that girl. She saw the famous pornstar galleries in my phone and told me she can pose better than them. I started taking pics of her using my phone and I was not able to control myself and called her some slutty names such as biatch. The other black dudes heard me and beat me up. I got home covered in black and blue because of the bruises I got. Damn! I should stick with white chicks so I won’t get in trouble again.

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Visual Stimulation from the Black Pornstar Galleries

Like most men, I don’t need visual stimulation to be able to cum while jacking off. Still, I do have to admit that visual stimulation gives me a harder cock and makes me cum faster. One night, while my girlfriend was out for dinner with some of her friends, I opened my secret black pornstar galleries. I had renamed the files on the computer and had the folders hidden so that she won’t find it easily – my girl’s the jealous type so I’m sure she’ll be mad if she knows that I have this pornstar video gallery.

I began browsing through the pornstar pic galleries and began stroking my cock on top of my pants. The famous chicks posed in seductive outfits or no clothes at all. There were pictures of famous pornstars using a dong while there are also pictures of these hot ebony chicks with pussies split and punished by a massive black cock.

Although my cock was already hard, I wanted more stimulation. Picking out some movies from the famous pornstar galleries, I turned the volume up and watched the famous pornstars fuck. While the pornstar was riding her partner in slow motion, I was stroking my cock in time with their rhythm. She was looking directly into the camera, so I felt like she was fucking me instead of that man. My black pornstar galleries also include some vids of a squirting female.

I prefer the clips that show a real cock sliding in and out of ebony pussy. The 5th video from my pornstar video gallery was one of my favorites. The man has a 12-inch cock with a big head. He was so big that the chick moaned hard each time he pushes it in. At first, he couldn’t get all of his cock inside that tight pussy. Still, he continued to try pushing it in while he played with her hard nub. After a while, she opened her legs wider and was able to accommodate all 12 inches of that rock hard cock. As she began to convulse in her orgasm, I was also feeling the beginning of mine.

So, while watching the beautiful chick from my black pornstar galleries shake in orgasm, I was shooting hot cum into my cupped hands.

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